MultiCore Silicon Cable

MultiCore Silicon Cable

MultiCore Silicon Cable

Conductor: stranded fine bare copper or tinned copper wire
Insulation: Silicon
Jacket: Silicon
Temperature : 180℃ , 200℃
Nominal Voltage: 300V , 500V

1.Introduction of  Multi Core Silicon Cable

Single Core Silicon Cable is for operation in ambient temperatures above 55 °C, for internal wiring of lamps, heating equipment, and electrical appliances as well as for switching boxes and distribution boards. Welcome to inquiry.


Silicone insulated and jacketed multiconductor cables offer electrical engineers and specifiers a variety of options. These MultiCore Silicon Cables are ideal for high or low temperature applications, with an operating temperature range of -50°C to +180°C. They produce minimal smoke when exposed to fire. These are single or multi-core cables suitable for extreme temperature conditions. They have applications in the steel industry, cement industry, glass industry, shipbuilding, and aviation.

Advantages of MultiCore Silicon Cable:

  • Dielectric strength and insulation resistance have almost no change at high temperature, high ignition point, or flash points, and SiO2 insulating layer will be formed in case of fire.
  • Resistant to: Polymer oils, vegetable and animal fats, alcohols, plasticizers and copenes, dilute acids, dyes and salts soluble, oxidizing substances, tropical influences and weather, lake water, oxygen, and ultraviolet rays.
  • Halogen Free: According to IEC 60754-2.
  • Fire Behavior: Flame spread test according to EN 60332 – 1 – 2.
  • For use in open or vented duct systems and fixed installations in ducts only. Otherwise, the mechanical properties of the silicone would be reduced by the enclosed air at temperatures above 90°C.

High quality Multicore cable is UV and ozone resistant and has a low specific gravity, making it important in the aerospace and shipbuilding industries. Silicone multi-core cables are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and oils even at high temperatures, outperforming other elastomers. SIlicon coated silicone multi-conductor cables are widely used as battery wires, LED lighting, and anywhere wires are frequently moved. Silicone multicore cables are lighter and more flexible than PVC coated wires. Our silicone multicore cables retain their properties in temperatures ranging from -60°C to 250°C.

Anyte cable is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Multicore cable, including 6 Awg Silicone Wire, Silicone fg Cable, Silicone Fiberglass Cable, Fg Cable, Sili Cable, ISO Certified Silicone Cable, ISO Certified Silicone Wire, etc.

High quality Multicore cable structure

  • Tinned copper conductor to Cl. 5. EN60228.
  • Silicone core insulation.
  • Core identification according to DIN VDE 0293 – 308 color-coded cores or black cores with consecutive white numbers.
  • For 2-core brown, blue.
  • Cables with 3 cores and above do not have a protective conductor.
  • For 6 cores and above all black cores with digital coding.
  • The core wires are layered and twisted with the best lay distance.
  • Silicone outer sheath.
  • The color of the coat is preferably reddish brown.

2.Parameter (Specification) of  high quality Multicore cable


Description: Single Core Silicon Cable
Conductor: tinned copper wire  
Insulation: silicone rubber
Jacket: silicone rubber
Rated Temperature: 180℃ ,  200℃
Rated voltage: 300V  ,  500V
Test Voltage: 2000 V


Technical Data

Number of cores and m㎡ per conductor Outer diameter [mm] Copper index (kg/km) Weight (kg/km)
2X0.75 6.4 14.4 59
3G0.75 6.8 21.6 70
4G0.75 7.8 28.8 89
5G 0.75 8.5 38 112
6G0.75 9.2 43.2 131
7G0.75 9.2 50.4 136
2X 1.0 6.6 19.2 66
3G1.0 7 28 79
4G 1.0 7.9 38.4 101
5G1.0 8.8 48 127
7G10 9.5 67 156
2X 1.5 7.6 29 90
3G1.5 8 43 109
4G1.5 8.8 58 134
5G1.5 9.6 72 163

3.Feature of the high quality Multicore cable

1)Halogen-free (IEC 60754-1),

2)No corrosive gases (IEC 60754-2)

3) Flame-retardant (IEC 60332-1-2)


4.Detail of the  Multi Core Silicon Cable

1) High temperature reach to 180℃
2) Resistant to a multitude of oils, alcohols
3) Based on EN 50525-2-83
4) Brand: Anyte


5 .Packaging & Delivery

1) Packaging Details:

It is determined by the quantity and requirements you purchase.  Can be negotiated.


Delivery: By Sea, By Air, By express.



Q: What is your lead time for bulk goods?

A: Honestly, it depends on order quantity and cable material. Normal lead time is around 2-3 weeks.


Q: How do you guarantee quality?

A: We are an UL/TUV/CSA/SAA/ISO9000.1 certificated company. All our materials are RoHS 2.0. When production,For each step inspector is on routing inspection, and 100% test before delivery.





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