Anyte cable

Robot cable

Due to robots undertaking very complex tasks, they have high demands on cables. The robot cable is used in automation, snatch, spot welding, gas-shielded welding, laser welding systems, etc. Our robot cables have the characteristics of bending resistance, torsion resistance, high flexibility, anti-interference, etc. These characteristics ensure the equipment can keep stable in a regular or irregular reciprocating motion.


Electrical Equipment Cable

Complex motor and electrical equipment requires cables with high performance, such as increased flexibility, oil resistance, cold resistance, fire resistance and etc. Anyte cables can meet it.


Package equipment cables

We provide control and power cables for processing and packaging machinery and transportation equipment. These cable help you solve electromagnetic interference protection problems. Component protection problems, and stress problems caused by continuous bending movement.


Automotive sensor cables

In the field of automation, high accuracy and reliability are required for all components. Anyte cable provides automation industry customers with complete series of cables that can handle fast-paced precise movements and guarantee signal transmission.


Crane heavy equipment cables

Our cables are widely used in the commercial hoisting equipment, bridge crane and so on.


Medical and Chemical Industry cables

When cables are used in medical and chemical applications, cables are not only flexible but also resistant to oils, greases, acids, alkali and other caustic substances. Anyte cables are perfectly suited to work in these difficult working conditions.