Exposición y conferencia internacional de automatización 2019

Since its successful holding in 2002, the scale of India International Automation Exhibition has been expanding year by year. This is India’s first major professional automation exhibition. With a wide range of professional international exhibitors and visitors, its professionalism has been well received by exhibitors. It is the most important and largest international automation exhibition in the industry in India. As a professional exhibition in the field of automation such as China UL SIS Cable, etc., the organizer can combine the Indian market to promote the exhibition in a more in-depth and professional way, and invite professional buyers, buyers and distributors in the industry. After years of development, it has been hailed as the most professional international automation exhibition in India.

The exhibition attracted nearly 1,000 companies in the field of automation from all over the world, covering all aspects of the field of automation and covering many themes. The total exhibition area of ​​the exhibition is about 30,000 square meters. In the 2018 annual exhibition, Chinese enterprises reached a record high again.

More than 100 outstanding enterprises in the field of industrialization participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters, showing the scale and strength of Chinese enterprises in the field of automation. More than 90% of the enterprises reported good results. exhibition effect.

India is a member of the “BRICS” and G20 group of nations with a population of about 1.2 billion. In recent years, the economy has grown rapidly, and in this round of economic crisis, it has performed well and has become one of the emerging forces in the recovery of the global economy. India’s industries such as textiles, food, precision instruments, automobiles, software manufacturing, aviation and space are developing rapidly. Since its reform in the 1990s, India has made remarkable achievements, and together with China, it has become an important engine of economic development in Asia and the world.

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Conductor: Cooper Conductor of Class 1/2 (Solid)
Aislamiento: PVC
Color del aislamiento: colores o negro con número
Chaqueta: PVC
Rango de temperatura:-10 —- +70 ℃
Voltaje Nominal: 0.6/1KV

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Cable flexible trenzado multinúcleo

Producto: cable de silicona seguro

Conductor: Cooper Conductor de clase 5/6 (trenzado) Aislamiento: PVC Color del aislamiento: colores o negro con núcleos numéricos trenzados juntos Chaqueta: PVC Rango de temperatura: -10 ℃ —- +70 ℃ Voltaje nominal: 300/500 V, 450/ 750 V

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comprar cable UL


Conductor: Cobre trenzado flexible
Aislamiento: XLPE (polietileno reticulado)
Color del aislamiento: negro o personalizado
Temperatura : 125°C
Voltaje Nominal: 300V

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AWM UL20233

AWM UL20233 cables are multicore shield cables. It consists of several insulated conductors bundled together to form a cable.Conductor: Solid or stranded fine bare copper or tinned copper wire Insulation: Special tensile strength of PE or PVC or SR-PVC Insulation Color: Colors or Black with Number Shield : Optional AL Foil , Braid(85%) Jacket: PUR Temperature : 80℃ Nominal Voltage: 300 V

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