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सीई आरवी-के

सीई आरवी-के

सीई आरवी-के

RV-K cable is a high-quality electrical cable that is widely used in low voltage electrical installations. This product is designed to provide reliable and safe performance, making it an excellent choice for residential, commercial, and industrial application.

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Introduction of  CE RV-K

सीई आरवी-कश्मीर cable is a low-voltage industrial cable suitable for a wide range of applications including urban power grids, building installations and industrial connections. The cables are very flexible and can be easily installed even in difficult layouts. It can be buried or installed in a pipe, or it can be installed outdoors without additional protection. The cable can withstand wet conditions including complete submersion in water (AD7). Welcome to inquiry.

RV-K cable is a high-quality electrical cable that is widely used in low-voltage electrical installations. This product is designed to provide reliable and safe performance, making it an excellent choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


  • One of the key attributes of CE RV-K cables is their high degree of flexibility. The cable fits easily in tight spaces and around corners, making it ideal for applications where space is limited or wiring that needs to be routed around existing equipment or machinery.
  • The cable is also very durable for frequent use without losing its effectiveness. It is designed to withstand a range of environmental elements including heat, cold, moisture and chemicals, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.
  • Another important property is their flame retardancy. These cables are fire rated for extra safety and protection in the event of a fire. This makes them a safe choice for applications where fire safety is a concern.
  • It’s also weather-resistant, meaning it can withstand sunlight, rain, and extreme temperatures. This makes it suitable for outdoor environments where other types of cables may fail.
  • Also cost effective, providing an affordable solution for low voltage electrical installations. They are great value and a solid choice for businesses and industries that need a high-quality cabling solution without breaking the bank.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations for a variety of applications. They can be used in power distribution systems, motor control systems, and lighting systems, among others. They are also suitable for building installations and city power grids.

CE RV-K cable is a high quality versatile cabling solution with a range of advantages. Their high flexibility simplifies the installation process, while their durability and flame resistance provide additional safety and protection. Their weather resistance and affordability make them a popular choice for outdoor and low voltage electrical installations. When selecting CE RV-K cables, it is important to select the proper size and configuration to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the application.


  • Power Distribution – the cable is commonly used for power distribution in buildings and industrial plants.
  • Lighting and Control Systems – the cable is ideal for wiring lighting and control systems in various settings.
  • Connecting Electrical Equipment – the cable is suitable for connecting various types of electrical equipment, machinery, and appliances.


  • Reliable Performance – the cable provides reliable performance, ensuring consistent and safe operation.
  • Easy Installation – the cable is easy to install, saving time and effort during installation.
  • High Safety Standards – the cable meets high safety standards, providing added peace of mind and protection.
  • Versatility – the cable is versatile and suitable for various applications, making it a cost-effective solution for different projects.
  • Long-Lasting – the cable is long-lasting and can withstand regular use without losing its effectiveness, reducing the need for frequent replacement.

RV-K cable is a reliable and safe solution for low voltage electrical installations. Its high flexibility, durability, fire resistance, weather resistance, cost-effectiveness, and versatility make it an excellent choice for various applications. Whether you’re wiring lighting and control systems or connecting electrical equipment, this cable provides reliable performance and peace of mind. With its long-lasting quality, easy installation, and high safety standards, it is the ultimate solution for all your low voltage electrical needs.

In the realm of modern technology, electricity is the lifeblood that courses through the veins of our civilization. From the tallest skyscrapers to the tiniest electronic devices, the power of electricity drives our world. Yet, behind this incredible force, there’s a crucial element that often goes unnoticed—the cables that conduct and channel electrical energy. Among the myriad cables that facilitate this remarkable feat, RV-K cable stands tall as a versatile and dependable solution that plays a pivotal role in diverse applications across various industries.

As we embark on a journey to explore the intricate details of this cable, we will unravel the mysteries of its composition, features, and primary applications that have solidified its importance in the electrical world. This comprehensive guide will transform your understanding of electrical cables and the significance of electrical in today’s technology-driven landscape.

RV-K Cable: A Pinnacle of Electrical Engineering

To comprehend the intricacies of RV-K cable, let’s start at its very core—the materials and design that make it a powerhouse of electrical connectivity.

1. Copper Conductor:

Electrical cable, at its essence, is distinguished by its copper conductor. Copper is an exceptional conductor of electricity, offering low electrical resistance and efficient current flow. It’s renowned for its high conductivity, durability, and resistance to corrosion. These properties make it the perfect choice for applications across a broad voltage range, from low to medium voltage systems.

The copper conductor in RV-K cable ensures the reliable and consistent transmission of electrical power, making it the backbone of countless electrical installations.

2. PVC Insulation:

An outer layer of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) insulation envelops the copper conductor in electrical cable. This PVC insulation serves as a protective shield against the harsh external factors that cables often encounter. It acts as a robust barrier against moisture, chemicals, and abrasion, ensuring the longevity and durability of the cable.

PVC insulation is a remarkable choice due to its exceptional electrical insulating properties and its ability to maintain the integrity of the cable in various environmental conditions. Whether exposed to the elements outdoors or used in industrial settings, electrical cable’s PVC insulation is up to the task.

3. Harmonized Compliance:

Harmony, in the world of RV-K cable, is not just a concept; it’s a standard. electrical cable adheres to harmonized standards. This means that it complies with international regulations for safety and performance. The harmonized standardization ensures that electrical cable maintains its exceptional quality and reliability consistently.

In an era where safety and performance are paramount, the harmonized compliance of electrical cable provides peace of mind to users, knowing that it meets rigorous global standards.

4. Flexibility:

One of the outstanding features of RV-K cable is its flexibility. The design of the cable ensures ease of handling, bending, and installation, even in confined spaces. This flexibility is a valuable trait in various applications where cable routing can be intricate, or space is at a premium.

Electrical cable is engineered to adapt to the needs of diverse electrical installations. Its flexibility simplifies installation, making it an ideal choice for situations where maneuverability is a key consideration.


Unveiling the Primary Applications of RV-K Cable

Now that we understand the fundamental building blocks of electrical cable, let’s delve into the primary applications where it truly shines. The versatility of RV-K cable has made it a top choice in a wide range of industries, enhancing efficiency and safety in countless electrical systems.

1. Building and Construction:

The building and construction industry relies heavily on electrical cable. Its flexibility, coupled with the durability of its PVC insulation, makes it perfect for wiring in residential and commercial buildings. It is commonly employed in electrical installations, connecting power outlets, lighting systems, and household appliances. Whether it’s a high-rise office building or a cozy family home, electrical cable plays a crucial role in powering our built environment.

2. Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities:

In manufacturing and industrial environments, where machinery and equipment run continuously, RV-K cable is a lifeline. Its high conductivity ensures a stable power supply to various equipment, such as motors, control panels, and industrial machines. The cable’s insulation protects it from exposure to chemicals and oils commonly found in industrial settings. Whether it’s an automotive factory, a steel mill, or a petrochemical plant, electrical cable contributes to the seamless operation of critical machinery.

3. Outdoor and Underground Installations:

RV-K cable is also suitable for outdoor and underground applications. Its robust insulation shields it from moisture, making it reliable for outdoor electrical installations, including lighting for landscapes and outdoor power outlets. Additionally, its flexible design simplifies underground installations, where it may need to navigate bends and corners. electrical cable ensures that power flows consistently, even in the great outdoors or beneath the earth’s surface.

4. Marine and Nautical Use:

Thanks to its resistance to corrosion, electrical cable is a preferred choice in the marine and nautical industry. It is often used in boats, yachts, and other watercraft for various electrical connections, from navigation systems to lighting and communication equipment. The cable’s ability to withstand the challenging marine environment, including exposure to saltwater, is a testament to its durability and reliability.

5. Renewable Energy Projects:

As the world embraces renewable energy sources, RV-K cable has found its place in this sector. Solar panels and wind turbines rely on the efficient transmission of power, and the cable’s copper conductor ensures minimal energy loss during transmission. This characteristic makes electrical cable an excellent choice for renewable energy projects, contributing to the harnessing of clean and sustainable power.

6. Data Centers and Telecommunications:

The flexibility and electrical performance of electrical cable are advantageous in data centers and telecommunications installations. It is used for power distribution and connecting data center equipment, ensuring reliable and efficient data transmission. In our data-driven world, electrical cable plays a pivotal role in keeping data centers operational and data flowing without interruption.

7. Agriculture and Farming:

In agriculture, where heavy machinery and equipment are essential for modern farming practices, RV-K cable is utilized for power supply and control systems. It withstands the rigors of farming environments, providing durable electrical connections for machinery, pumps, and other agricultural equipment. electrical cable ensures that the wheels of agriculture keep turning, contributing to food production and the agricultural industry’s efficiency.

8. Automotive and Vehicle Manufacturing:

Electricalcable is also employed in automotive and vehicle manufacturing. Its flexibility and resistance to abrasion make it suitable for use in vehicle wiring harnesses, contributing to the reliability and safety of automobiles. From luxury cars to heavy-duty trucks, electrical cable is part of the intricate electrical systems that keep vehicles on the road.

9. Aerospace RV-K Cable:

In the aerospace industry, electrical cables must meet strict safety and performance standards. These cables are used in aircraft wiring, avionics, and communication systems, ensuring reliable electrical connections in the demanding aerospace environment. In the sky, where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, electrical cable takes flight.

10. Medical Electrical Cable:

Medical-grade electrical cables are crucial in the healthcare sector, where reliability and safety are paramount. They are used in various medical devices, diagnostic equipment, and patient monitoring systems. electrical cable ensures that healthcare professionals have accurate and real-time data, contributing to patient care and safety.


The Future of RV-K Cable: An Ever-Evolving Powerhouse

As technology advances and industries evolve, electrical cable continues to adapt and meet the demands of modern applications. Its adherence to harmonized standards ensures that it remains a reliable choice for various sectors. With an ongoing focus on improving its properties, such as enhancing insulation materials and reducing environmental impact, RV-K cable is poised to remain at the forefront of the electrical cable industry.

To address the diverse needs of different industries and applications, electrical cables come in various specifications and types. These variations are designed to provide optimal performance and safety in specific scenarios. Some of the common types of electrical cables include:

1. Single Core RV-K Cable:

This type of cable is ideal for applications where a single conductor is sufficient, such as residential wiring and general electrical connections. It is known for its flexibility and ease of installation.

2. Multi-Core Electrical Cable:

In situations where multiple conductors are required, multi-core electrical cables are the preferred choice. These cables come with two or more insulated conductors within the same cable, making them suitable for more complex electrical systems and industrial applications.

3. Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) RV-K Cable:

LSZH electrical cables are designed to minimize the emission of smoke and toxic fumes when exposed to high temperatures. These cables are commonly used in enclosed spaces, such as buildings, tunnels, and ships, where fire safety is a primary concern.

4. Oil-Resistant RV-K Cable:

Oil-resistant electrical cables are engineered to withstand exposure to oils and chemicals without compromising their electrical performance. They are widely used in industrial settings where contact with oils and lubricants is common.

5. Solar Electrical Cable:

With the increasing use of solar energy, specialized electrical cables are designed for solar power applications. These cables are UV-resistant and can endure outdoor conditions, making them suitable for connecting solar panels in photovoltaic systems.

6. Water-Resistant RV-K Cable:

In applications where moisture and water exposure are likely, such as outdoor lighting or submerged pumps, water-resistant electrical cables are the choice. They are designed to prevent water ingress and maintain electrical integrity.

7. Heat-Resistant Electrical Cable:

For high-temperature environments, heat-resistant electrical cables are employed. These cables can endure elevated temperatures without degrading their performance. They are commonly used in industrial ovens, furnaces, and similar applications.

8. Fire-Resistant RV-K Cable:

Fire-resistant electrical cables are engineered to maintain their electrical functionality even in the presence of flames or extreme heat. These cables are critical in life-safety applications, such as fire alarm systems and emergency lighting.

The adaptability of electrical cables to specific requirements and industries is a testament to their resilience and versatility. As industries and technologies continue to advance, electrical cables are likely to see further customization and specialization to meet the specific requirements of emerging applications. This adaptability is one of the reasons electrical cables remain at the forefront of electrical connectivity solutions across a multitude of industries.

In summary, RV-K cable is more than just a conduit for electricity; it is a symbol of progress and reliability in the electrical world. Its versatility, durability, and flexibility make it a top choice in diverse industries, ensuring that power flows seamlessly and safely in applications ranging from construction to renewable energy. As the world continues to innovate, electrical cable remains a steadfast companion, keeping the lights on and the machinery running across the globe. From the cityscape to the wilderness, electrical cable powers progress and connects the world in ways we may never see but should always trust.

Discover the hidden hero in your everyday life—RV-K cable, the silent force that empowers our modern world.


1. Parameter (Specification)

विवरण सीई आरवी-के
कंडक्टर: फंसे हुए महीन नंगे तांबे या टिन वाले तांबे के तार
इन्सुलेशन: एलएसझेडएच
इन्सुलेशन रंग के रूप में अनुरोध किया
जैकेट पीवीसी
रेटेड तापमान 90 ℃
रेटेड वोल्टेज: 0.6/1केवी
टेस्ट वोल्टेज: 3000 वी
मानक आईईसी 60502



तकनीकी डाटा

मिमी2 Insulation Thickness mm Cable O.D. mm Weight kg/km
1×2.5 0.7 6.2 54
1×4.0 0.7 6.7 70
1×6.0 0.7 7.3 90
1×10.0 0.7 8.2 133
1×16.0 0.7 9.2 189
1×25.0 0.9 11 284
1×35.0 0.9 12.1 381
1×50.0 1 13.8 517
1×70.0 1.1 15.7 712
1×95.0 1.1 17.6 923
1×120.0 1.2 19.2 1165
1×150.0 1.4 21.5 1446
1×185.0 1.6 23.9 1748
1×240.0 1.7 26.9 2280
1×300.0 1.8 29.6 2829


2.Feature of the CE RV-K

2) can withstand damp conditions including total immersion in water
3) No harmful substances


3. Detail of the CE RV-K

1) working voltage: 600/1000V
2) ROHS2.0 और पहुंच
3) complies with the provisions of the EEC directive73/23 (low-voltage procedures)of the CE
4) ब्रांड: Anyte


4. Packaging & Delivery

1) पैकेजिंग विवरण:

यह आपके द्वारा खरीदी गई मात्रा और आवश्यकताओं द्वारा निर्धारित किया जाता है। बातचीत की जा सकती है।

2) पोर्ट: शंघाई, NINGBO

डिलिवरी: समुद्र से, हवा से, एक्सप्रेस द्वारा।


5. FAQ

प्रश्न: थोक वस्तुओं के लिए आपका नेतृत्व समय क्या है?

एक: ईमानदारी से, यह आदेश मात्रा और केबल सामग्री पर निर्भर करता है। सामान्य लीड टाइम लगभग 2-3 सप्ताह है।

प्रश्न: आप गुणवत्ता की गारंटी कैसे देते हैं?

ए: हम एक यूएल / टीयूवी / सीएसए / एसएए / आईएसओ 9 000.1 प्रमाणित कंपनी हैं। हमारी सभी सामग्रियां RoHS 2.0 हैं। जब उत्पादन, प्रत्येक चरण के लिए निरीक्षक रूटिंग निरीक्षण पर होता है, और डिलीवरी से पहले 100% परीक्षण होता है।

 एनीटे केबल


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