I cavi NHXH sono una soluzione affidabile e sicura per le installazioni elettriche resistenti al fuoco, in quanto offrono elevati standard di sicurezza, bassa emissione di fumi, composizione priva di alogeni, durata e resistenza agli agenti atmosferici per diverse applicazioni.


NHXH cables are designed to provide a high level of fire protection for applications where safety is a top priority. These cables are used where a high degree of fire protection is required for both personnel and equipment. They provide up to 90 minutes of functional integrity and up to 180 minutes of insulation integrity, making them a reliable choice for a variety of applications.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors, but should not be laid directly in the ground or in water. They are suitable for use in a variety of environments including residential, commercial and industrial. These cables are designed to provide reliable and durable performance, even under harsh conditions.

The composition of NHXH cables consists of concentric conductors of copper tape and wire. The metal part of the wire that forms the shield and the metal part of the neutral wire. This construction provides excellent shielding to protect the cable from electrical interference and other potential hazards.

This NHXH cable is available in a variety of sizes and configurations, making it suitable for a variety of applications. They can be used in power distribution systems, motor control systems, and lighting systems, among others. They are also suitable for building installations and industrial applications.

One of the main properties is its fire resistance. These cables are designed to provide a high level of fire protection, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment in the event of a fire. They provide up to 90 minutes of functional integrity and up to 180 minutes of insulation integrity, which means they will continue to operate even in the event of a fire, giving people more time to evacuate the area and firefighters to carry out response.

The cables are also extremely durable and can withstand harsh environmental elements such as heat, cold, moisture and chemicals. This makes them suitable for a variety of environments, including those with high security requirements.


How to choose flame retardant cables and fireproof cables?

As a flame retardant cable and fireproof cable CE NHXH supplier, Anyte cable supplies other cables manufactured to European and international standards, such as mineral insulated copper cables. We have one of the most comprehensive catalogs in the cable industry. Please contact our technical support to select the best cable for your project requirements.


CE NHXH fire rated cables are used in external or internal fixed electrical installations where additional fire protection is required.

  1. Halogen-free and does not emit corrosive gas.
  2. The cable is equipped with 5 4mm copper conductors, HXI 2 insulation and orange jacket.
  3. Nominal voltage is Uo/U 0.6/1 kV.
  4. Payment for the product is made in advance in order to be able to cut and deliver the required length.
  5. After payment is deducted, this product cannot be returned.


CE NHXH Cable Characteristics

Cables have various properties that make them suitable for different applications. Some of the most important characteristics of cables include:

  • Conductivity: The ability of a cable to transmit electrical energy or signals is called conductivity. Cables are usually made of copper or aluminum and are available in different gauges (thickness) to handle different levels of power.
  • Flessibilità: The ability of a cable to bend and flex without breaking is called flexibility. Cables can be made from different materials and methods of construction to provide varying degrees of flexibility.
  • Durability: The ability of a cable to withstand environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and vibration is known as its durability. Cables can be made from different materials and methods of construction to provide varying degrees of durability.
  • Shielding: The ability of a cable to prevent external interference is called shielding. Cables can be made in shielded or unshielded construction to prevent interference.
  • Connectors: The type of connector used on a cable affects its performance and compatibility with other devices. There are a variety of connectors to choose from including XLR, TRS, RCA, and more.



CE NHXH cables are known for their fire resistance, emitting low smoke in fires and being halogen-free, thus not releasing harmful gases. They are highly durable and can endure regular use, and are also weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor applications.



1. Fire-Resistant – the cable is specially designed to resist fire, providing added safety and protection in the event of a fire.

2. Bassa emissione di fumi: il cavo emette fumi ridotti in caso di incendio, riducendo il rischio di inalazione di fumo e danni alla proprietà.

3. Halogen-Free – the cable is halogen-free, which means it does not release harmful gases during combustion.

4. Durable – the cable is highly durable and can withstand regular use without losing its effectiveness.

5. Weather-Resistant – the cable can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and extreme temperatures, making it suitable for use in outdoor settings.

6. Long-Lasting – the cable is highly durable and can withstand regular use without losing its effectiveness, reducing the need for frequent replacement.



Distribuzione di energia - il cavo è comunemente utilizzato per la distribuzione di energia negli edifici e negli impianti industriali.

1. Lighting Control Systems – the cable is ideal for wiring lighting and control systems in various settings.

2.Connecting Electrical Equipment – the cable is suitable for connecting various types of electrical equipment, machinery, and appliances.


NHXH cable is a reliable and safe solution for fire-resistant electrical installations. Its fire-resistant properties, low smoke emission, halogen-free composition, durability, and weather resistance make it an excellent choice for various applications. Whether you’re wiring lighting and control systems or connecting electrical equipment, NHXH cable provides reliable performance, safety, and peace of mind. With its long-lasting quality and high safety standards, NHXH cable is the ultimate solution for all your fire-resistant electrical needs.


The cable can be installed in dry and damp places. It can be used freely or underground, protected by protective tubes.

During installation, the cable must be protected from environmental factors (direct sunlight) that may damage the cable.


Parameter (Specification) of NHXH




 solid or stranded bare copper





Temperatura nominale


Tensione nominale:

0.6/1 kV

Raggio di curvatura minimo:



                       IEC60502   DIN VDE 0266




Dati tecnici

Numero di anime e sezione trasversale n/ mm² diametro esterno mm Cu weight Kg/km weight Kg/km
1 x16 rm 10.5 160.0 250
1 x25 rm 13 240.0 360
1 x35 rm 14 336.0 470
1×50 rm 15 480.0 640
1 x70 rm 17 672.0 850
3 G 1,5 re 12 43.0 004
3 G 2.5 re 13 72.0 260
3 G 4 re 15 115.0 330
3 G 6 re 16 173.0 430
3 G 10 re 18 288.0 590
3 G 16 re 20 461.0 810
3 G 25 rm / 16 re 26 874.0 1520
3 G35 sm / 16 re 28 1162.0 1800
4 G 1,5 re 13 58.0 230
4 G 2.5 re 14 96.0 300
4 G4 re 16 154.0 400
4 G 6 re 17 230.0 510
4 G10 re 19 384.0 720
4 G16 re 22 614.0 1050
4 G25 rm 28 960.0 1650

Dettaglio dell'NHXH

  • Solid or stranded bare copper.
  • Flame protective wrapping.
  • Core insulation of halogen-free polymer (HXI 1).
  • Sheath of halogen-free polymer (HM 4), orange.
  • In dry, humid and wet locations, cable ducts, outdoors, underground and in water.
  • Low smoke and halogen free.
  • ROHS 2.0 & REACH.
  • Brand: Anyte.


Imballaggio e consegna

1) Dettagli dell'imballaggio:

È determinato dalla quantità e dai requisiti acquistati. Può essere negoziato.


Consegna: via mare, via aerea, via espresso.



D: Qual è il tuo tempo di consegna per le merci alla rinfusa?

A: Onestamente, dipende dalla quantità dell'ordine e dal materiale del cavo. Il tempo di consegna normale è di circa 2-3 settimane.

Q: Come garantite la qualità?

R: Siamo un'azienda certificata UL/TUV/CSA/SAA/ISO9000.1. Tutti i nostri materiali sono RoHS 2.0. Durante la produzione, per ogni passaggio l'ispettore è in fase di ispezione e test 100% prima della consegna.

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